2 Week Diet Review By Brian Flat [Diet Plan]

Hello, Joseph here. This is my professional 2 Week Diet review by Brian Flatt. A great deal of my readers have requested that I write a review on this product so I have taken the time to review it and here is my unbiased, HONEST opinion of what I think about the 2 week diet weight loss plan. This is just a review, to see the actual website then click here.


2 Week Diet Review


Now… Let’s begin.


Brian Flatt is a best selling author, speaker, weight loss consultant, and a certified and respected nutritionist from South Florida. Renowned for his REV Fitness company and his ability to draw on research based on hundreds of medical studies, Brian is known for creating the popular 2 Week Diet System. He’s trained countless athletes and guided thousands of clients to consistent physical well-being and fitness.


The distinguishing factor of the 2 Week Diet System is that instead of restrictive methods, it focuses on efficient fat burning techniques that can help almost anyone lose weight. Even those who’ve struggled through different systems in the past with no apparent results have managed to lose at least 1 to 2 pounds of excess fat through Brian’s 2 Week Diet System.


Realizing the elusive nature of finding a diet system that actually works, Brian decided to create one that would help to maximise the body’s metabolic function without the need for rigorous exercise or extreme diets. Thus Brian came up with the method by extensively researching peer reviewed studies while experiencing the practical results of his clients.


Moreover, because this diet is endorsed by registered Physician Dr Michael Danzinger, it’s thought to be a completely safe and healthy way for anyone to lose weight. So far, the program has proven itself to be a massive success that has helped thousands of people to get rid of excess fat through holistic and practical means, no gimmicks.

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What Is This Diet Plan All About? 2 Week Diet Review


As mentioned, the 2 Week System is a holistic approach to weight loss, and the program is composed of four integrated elements that come in the form of handbooks. Clients purchase these handbooks as a set with no extras required. Yep, unlike most other weight loss programs out there, the 2 Week Diet requires no additional supplements or equipment to make it work. You just follow the main guides that will ultimately empower you to heal yourself.

Why Listen to Brian Flatt and his How to Lose Weight Fast Program?


Brian has created a name for himself in the weight loss and diet industry by helping hundreds of thousands of people lose weight! He is known for executing over 500 medical studies before he released his first product, which was the 3 week diet. It was one of the most simple diet and exercise plans on the market. It still is a very effective program but the new 2 week diet is clearly a new and improved version of it! Click on this link to visit Brian Flatt’s 2 Week Diet’s official website.


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The 4 Components of The 2 Week Diet Plan:


Launch Handbook


This book provides a comprehensive perspective on weight loss in general, while considering the role of diet and nutrition on weight gain and and it’s effect on weight loss. In the book, Brain explores that most weight loss methods fail because they take too look to produce results, hence clients get bored and lose hope. This is why the 2 Week Diet System is designed to produce quick results that anyone can experience within days of beginning the program.


He also goes into detail when exploring the role of nutrition in the weight loss process, while also explaining the importance of certain nutrients on overall health and weight loss, some of which might even surprise you.


In this handbook, he also debunks common myths regarding diet that actually contribute to weight gain, such as the one about breakfast being the most important meal of the day, while explaining the mechanics of weight gain and the scientific premise of effective weight loss programs offered by experts in the field.


Diet Handbook


This handbook goes into the ‘meat’ of the 2 week method, so to say. Using easy to understand terms, the book explains the three phases of the two week diet system. The first phase is characterised by consuming a low carbohydrate diet in order to acclimate your body into becoming a fat burning machine. This involves consuming a diet that is congruent with your particular body type, weight and fitness level. This attention to detail is typical of the 2 Week Diet system due to its rapid results driven philosophy that knowledges the fact that what works for one person might not work for the next.


In the second phase, participants are introduced to intermittent fasting for accelerator weight loss, while the third phase is all about maintaining the metabolic momentum you’ve developed with the first two phases thorough a low carb and low calorie meal plan made from simple recipes.


With the meal plan you also get a list with foods that you need to avoid for continued weight loss and which nutritious foods to consume in order to maintain your ideal weight and keep your energy levels up. Of course all the data is supported by sound science and research, while still being presented in layman terms that anyone can understand.


The Activity Handbook


Keeping in mind the diet requirements of this method, this book presents quick but effective exercise routines that workout your entire body instead of focusing on specific problem areas. And you don’t even need to be at the gym to complete them, all you require is basic equipment such as weights. Of course, this is great news for people who want the results of exercise without necessarily putting in massive amounts of time into it.


15 to 30 minutes, 3 to 4 days a week is all the time investment required for the active aspect of this method.


The Motivation Handbook


The motivational aspect of the 2 week diet system addresses the mental aspect of weight loss. This handbook contains tried and tested methods of cultivating a focused mindset of practical discipline that will allow you to maintain your results beyond the 2 weeks of this diet system and get you through those tough days in the beginning of the program.


He uses suggestive and powerful language to create associations between the desired results and the discipline required to power through to establish oneself in the new lifestyle. In a nutshell, its a practical guide to keep you motivated throughout and beyond, the 2 week program. You can take this a step further by keeping a weight loss diary where you record your process including any milestones and positive results that you notice. This will help you keep track of progress and act as a positive reference for those moments when you’re feeling down about your advancement.




The Pros and Cons Of The 2 Week Diet Plan




  1. 1. Rapid results: This diet system is ideal for someone who’s looking to lose weight in a relatively short space of time. Example personality profiles of those who stand to gain from this program include athletes who want to lose weight in preparation of a game, models preparing for a shoot, anyone who wants a summer body to enjoy their summer vacation in, and even brides-to-be who want to fit into their wedding dress. And the rapid weight loss occurs as a result of increasing the body’s fat burning capacity.
  2. Accessible Language: The instructions in the books are so easy to understand, and Brian has really gone all out to ensure that his program is accessible to the masses. Scientific data presented in simple terms and easy to follow instructions.
  3. Simple Execution: It is seriously easy to implement this program due to its practical no-nonsense approach to weight loss. You don’t need to add any special ingredients to your diet, it
    doesn’t require any time consuming and straining exercise, just straight forward practical knowledge resources to hep you lose weight fast.
  4. It Can Work For Anyone: It doesn’t matter what kind of lifestyle you lead or how busy you are, this system can work for you. The super flexible schedule of this system means that all you need is to follow easy to understand instructions, use the time efficient exercise routines and stay on your game to enjoy the results.
  5. It Comes With a Money-back Guarantee: Brian Flatt is so confident about this systems ability to produce results when applied right, that he’s willing to put a 60 day money back guarantee behind his promise. Through this, Brian challenges clients to use the system for two weeks and if they still don’t see any results after that, then they’re entitled to a full refund on their purchase.
  6. A balanced Physique: With the 2 Week Diet Plan you can look forward to enjoying a fully toned balanced physique without any protruding problem areas, because throughout the 2 weeks you’ll be burning fat on your entire body through carefully appointed exercise and diet.
  7. Additional Benefits: Other reported benefits besides improved metabolic function, include increased energy circulation, clearer and more supple skin, a reduced appearance of cellulite and stretch marks, and an improved quality of sleep and feeling of well-being.
  8. The diet has also been said to reduce cholesterol across the spectrum, especially because it’s a simple no-fuss diet system that you can incorporate into your life for long term maintenance of your ideal weight and that toned bod you’ve always dreamed about.
  9. And can you believe how easy it is to access this phenomenal system? All you have to do is purchase it in its downloadable PDF form and you’ll have access to all its secrets in your fingertips within seconds. Plus you’ll become part of a sea of fellow participants who constantly share their results on social media platforms and the online forums that have arisen out of the success of this program.




There’s no good without the bad, right? Here are the cons of the 2 Week Diet System…


  1. Lack of Personal Touch: Although we have no doubt that Brian poured his soul into creating this program, it’s still missing that uniquely human touch that is so advantageous when you have a personal trainer to physically guide you through the process.
  2. As evidenced by the success of shows like the Biggest Loser, a large majority of people actually need to have someone hold their hand and motivate them in person in order for them to follow through on their weight loss goals. Which is why a lot of literature based weight loss programs fail, because there’s simply no physical motivation propelling people further.
  3. It’s ONLY available in digital format: While digital publishing is a convenient and widely accessible platform for most people, it also has disadvantageous barriers to sharing knowledge such as the kind presented in Brian’s weight loss program. For example, digital devices are prone to malfunction that may prevent someone from accessing critical information when they need it most, while some people actually prefer hard copy books to digital copies, so they should be available for people with those preferences.
  4. It’s Pricey: The 2 Week Diet System full download costs almost $100, which is hard to justify for a digital product. On the upside, it is more affordable than booking an in-person consultation with Brian himself. And he occasionally offers flash discounts on the program from time to time. So the price can definitely be a barrier for some aspiring clients.


Does It Work? Is It a Scam? – The 2 Week Diet Review


Is the 2 Week Diet a scam?


With the rising rate of obesity across the western world both in childhood and adulthood with associated health risks, there has ever been a better time to introduce effective and accessible solutions for better health. Also, weight loss has been proven to lead to an improved body image and a slew of other health benefits, both physical and mental.


The 2 Week diet system demystifies the process of weight loss while providing a much easier to follow weight loss approach for a large portion of the population that actually needs it. It’s efficient, it’s simple and extremely easy to follow for anyone.


Of course many have been sceptical about this program, with some detractors even going so far as to compare it with similar, but scammy, systems. But the available research proves that this program actually delivers on its promises. It really is possible to lose a considerable amount of weight and consistently burn fat and see impressive results within a short period of time.

Yes, these types of rapid results are usually promised by every weight loss or fitness program that comes out, with very few actually living up to expectations.




The 2 Week Diet System has proven time and again, to be the ideal program to follow for people with a track record for weight gain issues, and busy individuals who don’t seem to have time for more complex programs.


Although you still have to put in work, it’s relatively less compared to the toil required by other weight loss systems on the market. And the fact that it doesn’t contain any extra frills in the form of dietary supplements and ‘related products’ should be proof enough that there’s more to this program than your usual run of the mill weight loss program.


Where Can I Buy The 3 Week Diet?


The 2 Week Diet System is available for purchase and download via it’s official website.


7 Ways To Know If The 2 Week Diet Is For You:


    • You’re wanting to lose weight quickly.
    • You want to lose weight for an event.
    • You want to tone your summer body.You want to reduce body fat.
    • You want a good, weight loss diet.
    • You want to lose A LOT of weight.
    • You want to be more healthy in general.

Having a diet that has a good balance between eating healthy and a good work out. The perfect balance is what makes the 2 Week Diet so effective and it’s a huge part of why my 2 Week Diet review is so strong for it.


Final Verdict:


There’s no doubt that a lot of research and attention to detail was put into developing this inclusive and well researched system. Thousands of people have benefited from it already, with a lot more set to benefit still. The man behind the program, Brian stands behind its promises and thanks to his careful consideration of relevant data, combined with years of practice and testing, he’s released a one of a kind breakthrough treatment that can work for a wide variety of people. No matter what your body type, weight or fitness level is you can stand to benefit from this program.


There have been concerns that the rapid weight loss induced by the 2 Week Diet system may lead to other health risk such as dehydration, irritability, constipation, menstrual difficulties and headaches to name a few. Thanks to the medically-backed scientific basis of this program, the program offers the rapid results in a gradual process that protects the body against those health risks. And his claims of the program being safe and healthy are supported by the registered physician Dr Michael Danzinger.




It’s always best to consult your doctor before embarking on any potentially life changing diet or fitness program, just to put your own mind at ease.




If you’re just looking for something to help you lose weight for an upcoming event or in preparation for the summer season, then the 2 Week Diet System is for you. And the 60 day guarantee means that the 2 Week Diet system is truly a risk free and value packed investment.


Click here now for the 2 Week Diet plan.